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The Lickity Split Fire Truck was manufactured by the Waterous Company located in St. Paul Minnesota. The original hand written purchase order indicates it is a "Chemical and Hose Car " Type "E" mounted on a 1 ton Federal Knight Chassis and included a four cylinder Willys-Overland engine.

We have reason to believe because of an orginal photograph that it is actually a "Chemical and Hose Car Type "H".

The Fire Truck was purchased by the small town of Du Bois, Nebraska and put in service on August 26th, 1925 where it served proudly until it was sold to a private individual in Omaha Nebraska around December of 1962.

This private individual we are told, used it for commercial marketing of his night club business displaying the truck and attending parades. The night club's moto was "The Hottest Place in Town". We are wondering just how many strippers rode in the back of the truck.

In August of 2005 the Fire Truck was purchased by the present owners Carl Bullen and Rick Beyer with a winning bid on ebay. After some discussion and planning restoration started the folowing spring and was compelted in it's present state in June of 2007

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